General Handyman

Busy schedules can make home maintenance and repairs hard to complete on your own. Your "To Do" list has become overwhelming and unmanageable. Where do you start? It takes just one call to Handyman John to solve all your home repair and maintenance projects.

Handyman John completes all major and minor home repairs quickly, correctly, efficiently and professionally, allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most. High quality, consistent work means every home repair, installation or maintenance item is checked off your list giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Maintenance Inside
Caulk interior trim, repair sticky doors, light bulb replacement, check and update smoke alarms, re-caulk tubs and sinks, remove and install window A/C units, hang curtains and blinds, install television wall bracket, change interior knob sets, install deadbolts, create “senior-safe” living areas with shower grab bars and hand rails, repair leaky faucets, install new “water-smart” faucets, repair toilets, install new high efficiency toilets, install a dishwasher, repair furniture, insulate attic.

Maintenance Outside
Clean and repair gutters and down-spouts, install gutter guards, replace missing or damaged siding, power wash and seal decking, install security lighting, install accent lights, change entry lock sets, install new weather stripping on entry doors and garage doors, repair and fabricate screens, replace damaged dryer vents, caulk windows and doors, repair sagging gates, repair or install storm doors, pressure wash decks, porches and walkways.

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