Home Inspection Corrections

A home inspection gives the buyer and seller an impartial, physical evaluation of the overall condition of the home and items that need to be upgraded, repaired or replaced.

This inspection report gives a detailed summary on the components and areas to include the exterior, foundation, garage, water heater, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, roof, chimney, electrical, living areas, laundry, stairs, hallway, heating and cooling, plumbing, attic, fences & gates, driveways, walkways, decks, patios, drainage and more. A detailed inspection should take approximately 3 hours, depending on the age and condition of the home. The report is segmented by levels of concern: things that need immediate attention, things that will need addressed and things that you may want to look at.

When the inspector provides you with the report, bear in mind that this is his opinion and not necessarily “cast in stone”.  It is a good idea to have the “inspection correction” list reviewed by a qualified, licensed contractor. I had an opportunity to help a couple selling their home and was able to provide documentation showing that according to local building code the suggested upgrade was not required, but a good suggestion. This saved them valuable time as they were able to meet the closing deadline.

When presented with a home inspection corrections list, let me help you sort it out and provide you with a comprehensive plan to make those corrections quickly, correctly, efficiently and professionally.




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