Flooring Installation

A few things to consider when choosing a floor.

There are three main considerations in selecting flooring: usage, budget and style. First, make sure the flooring is appropriate for the area where it will be installed — carpet in the bathroom is not ideal and neither is smooth, glazed tile.

Do you have a large dog? If so, unprotected hardwood will take a beating from old Rovers’ nails. Do you have a door leading to a pool area? Pools combined with children equal puddles on the floor. A good quality medium texture tile may be the answer.

Next, consider pricing and find a floor that fits your budget. From there, it's a matter of aesthetics as you select a style and color that realizes your unique vision.

So you have chosen the perfect flooring for your room; you considered usage and picked the material, texture and color that reflects your vision…all within your budget. Remember, the last person who will have their hands on the material before it becomes your floor is your installer. Whether it is vinyl, laminate or tile, I follow the manufacturers’ recommended procedures to insure a beautiful, long lasting finished product.

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