Rhode Island Deck Restoration

Rhode Island Deck Restoration and Repair

Rhode Island  deck restoration and repairs can be tricky. This is especially true since Rhode Island (RI) wood decks are exposed to high humidity, sunlight, dirt, mildew, rain and snow. These severe conditions eventually result in deck fading and discoloration which then result in the need for restoration and repair.

Rhode Island Deck Restoration Steps

  • Step 1: Decks typically will succumb to weathering  and will need to be refinished approximately every 24 months. I begin by protecting the working area including any structures and/or surrounding landscaping.


  • Step 2: The next step consists of wetting the deck surface with water and spraying a bio-degradable cleaner/degreaser and hand scrubbing the problem areas. If mold or mildew is present, I apply a mildewcide as well.


  • Step 3: Now that the deck surface has been properly pre-treated the deck surface, I power-wash the wood surface. It is very important to  regulate the water pressure, and the ideal pressure will depend on the type of wood that your deck has been constructed.
  • Step 4: A deck assessment is now made.  We need to review if some spots need more attention, and  if so, additional spot treatment is performed. The surrounding area is rinsed and plants are gently misted to remove any deck residue once complete.


  • Step 5: Your deck should be ready to refinish after 3 day of no rain.


The importance of staining your Rhode Island Deck

Deck stain is instrumental in keeping your wooden deck looking its best. Staining your deck will not only keep it looking great, but it will protect it from the oppressive Rhode Island weather and elements.

Choosing the best stain for wooden decks can be tricky as there are many options available. There are also many color choices available that  come in varied opacities which sometimes makes your choice more difficult. The decision to choose an oil based, water based, light colored or dark colored stain is a personal preference as each of these variables offers  advantages and disadvantages.

The bottom line is, when choosing a stain pick one that matches the exterior of your house and will be suitable for the amount of maintenance you wish to be accountable for. I have been using Cabot products for years with outstanding results.


Rhode Island Deck Restoration Resources 

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